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Peoples’ Transit Week

Peoples' Transit Week logoBetter Buses Together

January 28-February 4

Our campaign, The People’s Voice on Transportation Equality, will be hosting a week’s worth of activities and highlighting our 2017 campaign priorities.

For more on our campaign, our 19 Point agenda and our 2017 priorities click here


*****ACTION ALERT*****

Please contact our City Council members this week via email at AshevilleNCCouncil@ashevillenc.gov and ask them to prioritize public transit for people that have to ride the bus.

Sample Email (please feel free to make it your own)

Dear City Council,

As a resident of Asheville, I want to make sure everyone who lives in our city has access to good transportation in order to meet their basic needs (work, childcare, healthcare, and food).  Please provide funding for:

*Sunday service on all routes

*Extended evening hours (all buses to 10 p.m. and major corridors until midnight)

*Re-instatement of 3 critical stops: Bartlett Arms Apartments, Deaverview Apartments, & Vocational Rehabilitation

I believe that this funding is an investment in high quality transit and into the lives of our most vulnerable residents.

Thank you for your consideration.


Faith Transit Weekend will kick off the week on January 28-29 where several faith communities will have information about our campaign

We will host a Transit Town Hall on Monday, 6-7pm January 30th at the Arthur R. Edington Center. EVERYONE WELCOME!

On Tuesday (1/31) we will host a Meet & Greet  at the ART station downtown from 4-5pm –sharing stories, information, and snacks. EVERYONE WELCOME!

On Wednesday (2/1) we will host Listening Sessions with small groups and City Council members

Thursday (2/2) we will host a Press Conference at the ART Station at 4:15pm.  EVERYONE WELCOME!

Friday (2/3) is Driver Appreciation Day-Just Economics’ Campaign members will be delivering thank you packages to the drivers…everyone is encouraged to thank our Asheville City Bus Drivers!

Saturday (2/4) is Action Saturday We will send out action alerts and ask people to write to our leaders about important transit changes!

Announcing the 2017 Living Wage Rate:

Just Economics adjusts our living wage rate annually based on the Universal Living Wage formula (using the cost of housing in the County as the main factor) and our formula for adjustment (an adjustment is triggered when the change is 3% or greater from the previous rate).  The living wage rate was last adjusted in 2015.

The new rate for 2017 is $13.00/hr or $11.50/hr with employer provided health insurance.

Employers that were previously Living Wage Certified will be given a year grace period to make the adjustments if needed and will verify the adjustment through the recertification process.  Municipalities and public entities using Just Economics’ Living Wage Rate in their policy will be expected to make the change in the beginning of the new fiscal year.  Employers interested in joining the program will need to meet the 2017 criteria.  A new Living Wage Certification  and Recertification Application is coming soon.

10 For 10 — Join Us!

WOW, Just Economics is nearly 10 years old!  Over the past 10 years we have built the largest Living Wage Certification program in the country, lifted the voice of low-income people, and won on a number of significant policy changes!  Help us do more in the next ten years.

Let’s build a better economic community together!  Take part in the #10for10 campaign.

Your support will build on our solid foundation and help us increase our capacity for the next 10 years.  Help us step up our game moving forward.  

You can become a 10/month sustainer for our 10th year here



10 Years Building a Solid Foundation!

joshcathytawnyaIn 2017 Just Economics will celebrate our 10th Anniversary of successful work building a more just and sustainable local economy.  In 2007, Just Economics grew out of the Asheville Buncombe Living Wage Campaign and helped to pass the first part of our Living Wage policy with the City of Asheville.  From those humble beginnings, our small but mighty organization has had some impressive results, including:


♦Successfully advocated for the passage of Living Wage policy with Asheville, Buncombe County, Weaverville, Montreat, and Canton.

♦Graduated more than 140 low-income people in our Voices for Economic Justice program lifting the voice of low-wage workers in the public dialogue.

♦Built the largest voluntary Living Wage Certification Program in the country with over 400 employers putting more than a million dollars a year in the hands of low-wage workers  and the local economy!

♦Educated, Advocated, and Organized around economic injustice in Buncombe County and Transylvania County!

♦Launched the People’s Voice on Transportation Equality, a campaign to improve the bus system led by people who ride the bus out of necessity, successfully advocating for important changes like Sunday Service

♦Partnered with the Success Equation as a key advocate for affordable housing

Take part in the work to build a more just and sustainable economic community!  Donate to Just Economics here


 Just Economics

Just Economics works to educate, advocate, and organize for a just and sustainable local economy that works for all in Western North Carolina.  We see ourselves not as people of privilege advocating on behalf of low-income people but rather, people of privilege and low-income people advocating together for a better economic community.  We welcome participation in our work from all members of our community.


triangle prioritiesWe are currently focused on living wage jobs, accessible transportation, and affordable housing.

We often talk about our three areas of work:  Policy Advocacy, our Living Wage Employer Certification Program, and Community Education and Leadership Development.  Our latest active campaign is an effort to improve the bus system by including the voice of people who ride the bus out of necessity in changes, The People’s Voice on Transportation Equality.

We also work to promote living wages and economic justice in Transylvania County with the Living Wage Coalition of Transylvania County. 

–Our bi-monthly meeting are the third Tuesday @ 6:30 of every other month and open to anyone that would like to participate with us or learn more about our work.  On the opposite months we host our People’s Advocacy and Action Group, a way for people to get engaged with issues.


Take a look at the following video about wealth inequality:

Wealth Inequality in America


More about Just Economics…

Want to learn more about Just Economics, check out this 6 minute video about what we do:

Just Economics Video 2012





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