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Our last  People’s Advocacy and Action Group workshop was around the public budgeting process, with a focus on advocacy and what we can do.  To view a presentation on the budget process click here.

We are in the middle of the budget process with the City, County and State and we want you to take action to influence the process.

In the City and County budget we are advocating for making the connections between and prioritizing funding for Living Wages, Affordable Housing, and Transit.  We see these as priorities in building a just and sustainable local economy.


At the State Level we are advocating for a reinstatement of childcare voucher eligibility and for a tax structure that does not take away funding from our City and County or shift the tax burden disproportionately on the low and middle class.


CITY:  The budget priorities outlined in the City Council Budget Work Session on April 28th include increased funding for bringing temp/seasonal employees up to a living wage and no cuts to transit or affordable housing despite budget constraints.  Please thank City Council and ask them to maintain these priorities throughout the budget process.  For important dates in the City budget process click here.  You can e-mail Council atAshevilleNCCouncil@ashevillenc.gov

COUNTY:  E-mail the Buncombe County Commissioners and ask them to prioritize Living Wages, Affordable Housing and Transportation in the County budget.  Ask them to consider their role in building an efficient transit system for the County and how the County can contribute to Affordable Housing. Contact the Commissioners here

STATE:  Click here to find your state legislator with their contact information to advocate for your budget priorities.  Sign the petition to support access to affordable childcare here.  Check out the Success Equation Toolkit about childcare vouchers  here  


Just Economics has many things going on….we would love for you to join us.

hands–Our bi-monthly meeting are the second Tuesday @ 6:30 of every other month and open to anyone that would like to participate with us or learn more about our work.  Our next one is June 16th.  On the opposite months we host our People’s Advocacy and Action Group, a way for people to get engaged with issues.  Our last one was around public budgets and ways to engage with the City, County, State, and Federal budget.

–We have an active campaign to improve the bus system in Asheville through people who ride the bus out of necessity being engaged in the process.   We regularly meet on the second Wednesday of the month at the United Way at 4pm with an orientation for folks new to the campaign at 3:30.  Contact Amy to get more involved: amy@justeconomicswnc.org

–We are working to deepen our commitment to living wages by strengthening our network of Living Wage Certified Employers.  To learn more about the program or share your thoughts about this network (the largest network of living wage certified employers in the country!) contact Mark Hebbard:  markhebbard@justeconomicswnc.org


bus pictureThe People’s Voice on Transportation Equality

Join Us in our Campaign to Improve the Bus System

We are excited about Sunday Bus Service and other improvements that we have been advocating for, and we are continuing to work to include the public voice in changes to the Asheville bus system–ART.  We would love for you to join us.  Contact Amy to get involved at  828-505-7466 or Amy@justeconomicswnc.org

Learn more about our campaign and our 19 Point Agenda for Transportation Reform here

Learn more about Asheville Transit here

Learn more about the new bus schedules here


Take a look at the following video about wealth inequality:

Wealth Inequality in America


More about Just Economics…

Just Economics works to educate, advocate, and organize for a just and sustainable local economy that works for all in Western North Carolina.  We organized around the Asheville Buncombe Living Wage Campaign and began making a name for ourselves after our first victory in 2007, successfully advocating that the City pay all of their full time employees a living wage.

From there we have continued to work on promoting living wages in the public and private sector, initiating what is now the largest Living Wage Certification program in the country.  We continue to educate the community on issues of economic justice and we see ourselves not as people of privilege advocating on behalf of low-income people but rather, people of privilege and low-income people advocating together for a better economic community.  We welcome participation in our work from all members of our community.

We often talk about our three areas of work:  Policy Advocacy, our Living Wage Employer Certification Program, and Community Education and Leadership Development.  Our latest active campaign is an effort to improve the bus system by including the voice of people who ride the bus out of necessity in changes, The People’s Voice on Transportation Equality.

We also work to promote living wages and economic justice in Transylvania County with the Living Wage Coalition of Transylvania County. 

Want to learn more about Just Economics, check out this 6 minute video about what we do:

Just Economics Video 2012

Just Economics is a small, but mighty organization that has accomplished a lot in our short organizational life.  We are able to make steps toward a more just and sustainable local economy because of our members, volunteers, and leaders that work with us.  We invite you to join us….  Take our volunteer survey below, come to our next meeting, contact our staff, or donate to Just Economics.  Our next bi-monthly meeting is October 21st at 6:30 pm at the United Way in Asheville and is open to anyone interested in participating.  Feel free to call us (828-505-7466) or e-mail if you have questions (info@justeconomicswnc.org).  Finally, we have a small staff and a modest budget and can only continue to do the work that we do with the support of generous people who are able to contribute.  Every financial contribution is appreciated.  Please go here if you are able to make a donation.

Volunteer Survey

In building a movement for a more just and sustainable local economy, we are working hard to involve interested people, and we are gathering information about how our members and supporters would like to participate with us.  Our general meetings (every other month), our campaign meetings, and our committees are open to anyone and we invite you to participate, but individuals not able to attend meetings can still help support Just Economics’ mission. Please take this quick, 4-question survey if you are interested in engaging with Just Economics. We want to involve passionate people in our work in a way that feels right for them. https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2CXYJRS




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