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Honoring our Founders’

In the Spring of 2016 two of the founders’ of Just Economics passed away.  Isaac Coleman and Lotte Meyerson were both lifetime warriors of social justice and instrumental in founding Just Economics.
13226761_10209724004242436_7224089093286599766_nFrom his early years working for civil rights and racial justice with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee to his work in Asheville fighting for voting rights, economic justice, and social justice, Isaac was truly a warrior.  In addition to helping to found Just Economics, Isaac founded Read to Succeed, participated in the leadership of the Mountain People’s Assembly-part of the Moral Monday Movement, was a leader in the local NAACP, and worked on a variety of social and economic justice campaigns and movements.

DSC_1250Lotte Meyerson grew up in Germany and her Jewish family escaped the Holocaust.  At a very young age, Lotte faced many questions; ‘How could anyone let this happen?’ and ‘Where are all the good Germans?’ After finally landing in the United States at the age of 14, Lotte vowed to do her best to be visible to any oppressed population that was wondering where all the good people were.  She fought for women’s rights, civil rights, welfare rights, prison reform, racial equality, and economic justice throughout her long life.

Without these amazing leaders, Just Economics would not be here today, doing the work to build a more just and sustainable local economic community.  To honor the lives and legacy of these founders through a financial donation to Just Economics, click here.

Help Build a More Just and Sustainable Local Economy!


Join us at our next Bimonthly General Meeting

Tuesday, June 21st, 6:30pm

at the United Way Building in Asheville (50 S. French Broad)

Everyone is welcome to attend our next Bi-monthly general meeting where we get together, share some food, and talk about the work of Just Economics.  We will meet all together and then around 7pm we split into three committees:  Policy Advocacy, Certification, and Grassroots Leadership Development and you are welcome to join in whichever discussion you like.  See you there!


Join Just Economics and our work on Living Wages, Efficient Transit and Affordable Housing

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2016 Living Wage Rate

Our living wage rate for 2016 remains $12.50/hr or $11/hr with employer provided health insurance.  We re-figure our living wage rate every year and adjust according to a predetermined formula.  This formula is based on Fair Market Rent as determined by HUD and adjusted using a four year average of the FMR to mitigate any volatile changes up or down.  We adjust the wage rate if there is a 3% or greater change from the previous year.  For more on how the living wage is calculated click here


12341050_10205079074164423_1722131283789340886_nSupport Just Economics with your Financial Contribution

Help Just Economics continue to educate, advocate, and organize for a more just and sustainable local economy in 2016 working toward living wages, affordable housing, and efficient transit.  Donate to Just Economics today by going here.


 Just Economics

Just Economics works to educate, advocate, and organize for a just and sustainable local economy that works for all in Western North Carolina.  We see ourselves not as people of privilege advocating on behalf of low-income people but rather, people of privilege and low-income people advocating together for a better economic community.  We welcome participation in our work from all members of our community.


triangle prioritiesWe are currently focused on living wage jobs, accessible transportation, and affordable housing.

We often talk about our three areas of work:  Policy Advocacy, our Living Wage Employer Certification Program, and Community Education and Leadership Development.  Our latest active campaign is an effort to improve the bus system by including the voice of people who ride the bus out of necessity in changes, The People’s Voice on Transportation Equality.

We also work to promote living wages and economic justice in Transylvania County with the Living Wage Coalition of Transylvania County. 

–Our bi-monthly meeting are the third Tuesday @ 6:30 of every other month and open to anyone that would like to participate with us or learn more about our work.  On the opposite months we host our People’s Advocacy and Action Group, a way for people to get engaged with issues.


Take a look at the following video about wealth inequality:

Wealth Inequality in America


More about Just Economics…

Want to learn more about Just Economics, check out this 6 minute video about what we do:

Just Economics Video 2012





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